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I am Corporal Puma ([101stAir]CPL Puma) of 101st Airborne Division Clan®. The 101st Airborne clan has been around since the early days of Battlefield 1942.

We are currently looking for recruits to enlist in our realism clan and hope that you will consider our offer. The 101st Airborne Division Clan®, emulates the US Armed Forces in all relevant tactical combat areas in order to optimize our combat readiness and tactical superiority for purposes of realism, efficiency, and competition, as well as entertainment. It is mostly about the fun factor. We have more fun than regular gamers because our guidon battle streamers hang in our Headquarters with honor!!

Our leadership driven “boots on the ground” and various supporting unit elements are highly trained teams of “squad based play”-elite battle-hardened, first responder, tactically thinking civilian, military, and ex-military personnel who are gamers that achieve the highest level of excellence and honor on the battlefield.

Due to our active interest in being an “Extreme Realism Authentic Military Tactics Clan", we follow the strict discipline of military conduct, code and adhere to the tight "By The Book" regimented observation and use of the chain of command. The 101st Airborne Division Clan®(a.k.a. 101st Air™), and extended affiliates are also a community of realism enthusiasts who are interested in learning and putting into practice the correct use of precise military tactics and combat engineering.

A sound Strategy, better use of weapons-delivery systems while engaged with the enemy, and achieving a better -more satisfying team-oriented game has the benefit of being able to depend on your team to do their specific jobs instead of things like team killing people for a jet or ignoring you when you need a medic. We have found this type of realism and game play to be superior and the most efficient virtual combat there is. And being the closest thing to a virtual military and a complete strike force, we can do nothing less than achieve the same results the REAL military troops achieve in real world combat.

As with most clans, the 101st Airborne Division Clan® has a Specified Ranking System, with each rank comes more responsibility, as well as opportunities. Below is an Example of the Ranking Structure.

Non-Commissioned Officers: Private E1, Private E2, Private First Class, Specialist/Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Sergeant First Class, Master Sergeant, First Sergeant, Sergeant Major, Command Sergeant Major, and Sergeant Major of the Army.

Commissioned Officers: Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier General, Major General, Lieutenant General, and General.

Currently the Highest Ranking officer is Colonel Papabear, he is the Clan Founder, and highest Ranking Official. He founded the clan and works to improve our Battle Strategy and is the highest authority in our free to join group.

After Basic Combat Training, a Private E2, is then possibly offered a choice based on his training, he may have a chance of joining a specific branch with several Specific MOS's (Military Occupational Specialty). The Private may then be required to enter Advanced InfantryTraining (AIT), for their specific MOS's. An example would be being assigned to an Armored Platoon and required to do Artillery once in a while. or Even Reconnaissance or sniping. Below is a List of the Current Branches in the 101st Airborne Division Clan, and an explanation of their uses:

2nd Battalion Headquarters FH2 2-BATT/HQ These are the commanders on the Battlefield, they are in charge of who goes where, and who does what.

244th Fighter Wing 244-FW/RAF In charge of Air-Air fighting, and Air-Ground Strafing.

4th Fighter Wing 4TH-FW/RAF In charge of Air-Air fighting, and Air-Ground Strafing.

No 252 Wing -46 Sqdn (Beaufighter) 252d-WG/RAF In charge of Air-Ground Bombing, and Air-Ground Strafing, and Protecting the Beaufighter.

No 252 Wing -89 Sqdn (Beaufighter) 252d-WG/RAF In charge of Air-Ground Bombing, and Air-Ground Strafing, and Protecting the Beaufighter.

15th Field Artillery Battalion 15-FAB/BN In Charge of the Field Artillery Battalion level.

1st Recon Battalion A/1RCN-BN In charge of providing intelligence for the other units, and the Battalion Headquarters, possibility of Sniper Missions.

7th Armored Division A/7TH-AD In Charge of all Armor, and Anti-Armor duties.

1st of the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment A/1-502PIR Infantry Units.

172nd Striker Brigade Combat Team A/172D SBCT Light Armored Transport/Light Armored Fighting.

5th Marine Regiment A/5TH-MR Marine Deployments/Infantry Duties.

26th Transport Brigade A/26TNS-BD In Charge of Light Armored Transport

326th Engineer Battalion A/326-ENBN In Charge of Navigating/Clearing minefields, creating minefields, repairs, and Demolition duties.

We currently play BF1942 mod; Forgotten Hope, Desert Combat 0.8, Eve Of Destruction 2.50. Soon we will be playing BF2 modded for FH2, and Project Reality. Some of these games you might think are obsolete. They are not. I assure you there are plenty of BF1942 servers to play on (including ours) especially since the game client is free to download.

Website Information: Please go to our forums listed at

The 101st Airborne Division Clan Teamspeak 3 information will be given out after an accepted application. Links are in the nav bar including our forums. Please feel free to apply. Feel free to contact me on our forums with any questions or concerns or any additional information on joining etc. I am always here to help. Thanks again for your interest.


Corporal Puma [101stAir]CPL Puma of the 101st Airborne Division Clan - 101st Airborne Division Clan®. -Be advised...We are inbound -your location!!

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